2019 Gscf Morristown

Dungeoneers Run

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Dungeoneers Run Rules and Conditions

For $10 you can sit down with Professional Dungeon Master Erik Cheski for a game while you enjoy Garden State Comic Fest. 

There are four available sessions. 

Dugeoneers Run will take place in the villains rink at Booth 335 and 336

Remember this is only open to the first 40 players so sign up early.

Registration will begin at 9am

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 Each of the four sessions will have up to ten players, playing pre-generated characters through an original two hour one-shot adventure. 

Players will work together to solve the many puzzles and encounters throughout the game.  Everything done in the game will be scored with points, including damage given and taken, healing accomplished and role play moments.  There will also be points for achieving certain plot goals as well, so smashing everything isn't the only way to win.  In fact, certain elements might reduce your point total so think before you crit!  No details on the scoring rubric will be provided before, during or until all games have been completed, as plot details would be spoiled but it can be made available after the weekend by request.

The player who, out of all sessions, accrues the most points will take home some real treasure as well, up to $200!  Winner will be contacted after the final session and no later than Monday July 1st.

Character sheets, scratch paper, pencils and miniatures will be provided, no need to bring anything but your imagination and willingness to play.  The characters have been balanced for the campaign, so veterans should not bring their power builds.

Typically people like to play with their own dice, but sometimes dice get hungry, and since as this is a competition we don't want any full D20's weighing themselves down with a hearty meal so all dice will also be provided at the table.

A few other rules to be mindful of:

No drinks on the table: Keep the Dew on the floor, please.

Dice only count flat on the table (floor 20's never count)

Banter should be kept in the PG range. 

Shenanigans during play will not be tolerated, and anyone making unsafe or illicit comments, gestures or insinuations will be removed from the table and forfeit the competition.  The game table is a safe space for players to enjoy a high quality table top role playing game experience, and all are welcome to play at it.

All content and game decisions are the sole discretion of the DM.