2019 Gscf Morristown Artist Bios


Greg and his twin brother, Tim, were born in Detroit, Michigan in 1939, Both boys were avid artists and creative thinkers from a young age, and carried their artistic passion with them throughout their childhoods. For years Greg and Tim worked together and apart, receiving international recognition and numerous awards and honors. In 1975, Greg and Tim illustrated the first of a series of The Lord of the Rings calendars for Ballantine Books. In 1977, Lucasfilm hired the Brothers Hildebrandt to create the movie poster for the first Star Wars film, Star Wars: A New Hope. 
In 1981, they pursued separate careers. During the ’80s 
Greg’s art appeared on covers for Omni and Heavy Metal. The Franklin Mint and Lenox issued his work on collector’s plates, figurines, dolls and swords. In l984, Greg illustrated Mary 
Stewart’s Merlin trilogy, and he has illustrated 15 classics, including: The Wizard of Oz, Aladdin, Robin Hood, Dracula and Phantom of the Opera. When commenting on Greg's work the New York Times said, “Fortunate the child or adult who receives a gift of the classics richly illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt.”
After 12 years apart, the Brothers reunited in 1993. They worked on Marvel posters, pre-production art for Stan Lee and Michael Uslan, producer of the Batman films, a King Tut book, the 1994 Marvel Masterpieces card set, X-Men and Spider-Man card sets, Terry & the Pirates (comic strip) and an X-Men 2099 painted bookshelf edition. In 1999, Greg began to paint a life-long dream. He created his 'American Beauties' series of retro pinup art. There are presently 100 amazing paintings in this series. In recent times Greg has done a number of covers for Marvel including Deadpool Vs. Thanos, Secret Wars, Old Man Logan, and Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star Wars, Thor, Daredevil, X-Men, to name just a few!