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Louise is a writer and editor best known for her work on comic book titles such as Power Pack, X-Factor, New Mutants, World of Warcraft, Superman: The Man of Steel, and Steel. 
In recognition of her contributions to comics, Comics Alliance listed Simonson as one of twelve women cartoonists deserving of lifetime achievement recognition.
As an Editor Louise worked on such titles as (Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella) for Warren publishing and Uncanny X-Men, The New Mutants, Star Wars and Indiana Jones comics for Marvel.
As a writer She created the Eagle Award-winning Power Pack. The title, which debuted in August 1984, featured the adventures of four pre-teen superheroes. Simonson would write the majority of the title's first forty issues, even coloring one issue (#18). Her other Marvel writing work included Starriors, Marvel Team-Up, Web of Spider-Man, and Red Sonja. Louise helped her husband Walter Simonson color his "Star Slammers" story in Marvel Graphic Novel #6.
In 1986 Louise started on the X-Men spin-off X-Factor, In #6, her first issue, she and artist Jackson Guice co-created Apocalypse, a character who would go on to become a major character in the X-Men franchise. From #10 of the title, she was joined by her husband, Walt Simonson, on pencils. In #25, the creators gave the character, Angel, blue skin and metal wings in a process which would lead to his being renamed as "Archangel". It was at Simonson's suggestion that X-Men writer Chris Claremont's "Mutant Massacre" story idea was turned into a crossover through all the "X-books", the first of its kind.Her run on X-Factor included the relevant installments of "Mutant Massacre", and the subsequent crossovers "Fall of the Mutants," "Inferno", and "X-Tinction Agenda".
In 1987, beginning with issue #55, she became the New Mutants scripter where she ended up writing the series for three and a half years. It was during this run that she and artist Rob Liefeld introduced Cable, another important character in the X-Men franchise. 
In 1991, Simonson began writing for DC Comics. She, artist Jon Bogdanove, and editor Mike Carlin launched a new Superman title, Superman: The Man of Steel , a title she would write for eight years. Simonson (along with Carlin, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern and others) was one of the chief architects of "The Death of Superman" storyline, in which Superman died and was resurrected. It was during that storyline, in The Adventures of Superman #500 that Simonson and Bogdanove introduced their character Steel. Simonson was one of the many creators who worked on the Superman: The Wedding Album one-shot in 1996 where Clark Kent married Lois Lane.
Louise also co-wrote the comic World of Warcraft, based on the multi-million player internet game, for Wildstorm, and a manga story, based in the Warcraft universe, for Tokyopop.
She is also the author of the non-fiction DC Comics Covergirls.