2019 Gscf Morristown Guest Bios

2019 GSCF MO TOWN Sid O'Connell.jpg

Sid is a native New Yorker of Jamaican and Irish ancestry with humble beginnings as a weight lifter and construction worker. With an unparalleled interest in personal health, physical fitness, professional bodybuilding, and martial arts, Sid’s indomitable drive has modeled himself into the textbook Hollywood action star and public personality. But, Sid’s depth and range as an actor transcends his formidable exterior. As a practice, Sid doesn’t subscribe to the “dumb beefcake” film role stereotype, but rather exercises a serious commitment to the seventh art. His undying dedications to his personal improvement regimens are echoes in the efforts Sid puts forth in the exploration and presence of his acting roles. In 2013, Sid was featured in numerous domestic and international television advertising opportunities as well as appearances on multiple primetime CBS, NBC and ABC series such as
Elementary, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, Mysteries of Laura and more. Sid’s deep resonant voice and muscular physique have afforded him roles in which he’s seen doing feats of strength and complex stunts.