2019 Gscf Morristown Artist Bios


Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is a graphic novelist most notably recognized as the writer and creator of the critically acclaimed and bestselling superhero series La Borinqueña.
In addition, he is celebrated for his philanthropic efforts via the benefit anthology Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico featuring La Borinqueña teaming up with Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and other DC Comics heroes. He self-published this anthology under his own studio Somos Arte and to date Edgardo has raised close to a quarter of a million dollars for grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico via the La Borinqueña Grants Program. As the Creative Director and owner of Somos Arte, a Brooklyn-based creative services studio he has worked with such notable clients as Atlantic Records, Columbia University, and Marvel. In addition, Edgardo is a curator of art exhibitions having already produced three original Marvel comic book art exhibitions and his very own La Borinqueña for the Smithsonian Museum.

Edgardo continues to be recognized widely for his work on NBC, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR and numerous other media outlets for having already produced in addition to his own series La Borinqueña, graphic novels under the Darryl Makes Comics imprint which he co-owns with Darryl DMC McDaniels (from RUN DMC), and the comic book series Freak written by Emmy and Tony award winning writer John Leguizamo. He has also written for Marvel Comics critically acclaimed anthology, Guardians of the Galaxy: Tales of the Cosmos.
As part of his national tour he continues to speak on such topics as diversity in comic books and current socio-political issues related to Puerto Rico. The Smithsonian, The American Museum of Natural History, Columbia University, Princeton University, Colgate University, Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, New York Comic Con, Rhode Island School of Design, Viacom, Hasbro and many other institutions and events invite him to deliver keynote presentations and talks to audiences that range from elementary school children to graduate students.
For more information please visit www.la-borinquena.com and www.somosarte.com and follow Edgardo on social media on Twitter @MrEdgardoNYC and Instagram/Facebook @LaBorinquenaComics